Products, Facts & Figures

Fine Chemicals Laboratory

WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS is the Group’s life science division. Based on advanced biotech processes, it offers tailored and innovative solutions and products for the food, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

Our extensive product range includes fermenter cysteine and bioengineered cyclodextrins – premium oligosaccharides marketed under the CAVASOL® and CAVAMAX® trademarks. A key specialty is the contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical proteins (biologics) via microbial systems. Polyvinyl acetate solid resins, fine chemicals and complex organic building blocks for synthesis round out our portfolio.

Worldwide, we can offer you complete, customized solutions for this product portfolio while taking advantage of the synergies in two of our areas of expertise – biotechnology and fine chemicals.

Continuously striving for top performance, we manufacture high-quality products and solutions, provide excellent service and so maximize the benefits for our customers.

High standards – in business ethics and safety – during our dealings with customers and employees are an integral part of our business practices, as is environmental protection.

Applications range from foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, household products, cosmetics and personal care to industrial and specialty chemicals.

Production Sites

  • Germany: Burghausen, Jena
  • USA: Eddyville (Iowa)
  • China: Nanjing


  • Bioengineered products such as cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin complexes, cysteine and cystine
  • Biologics (biopharmaceuticals)
  • Fine chemicals
  • Organosilanes
  • Chiral alcohols
  • Base chemicals
  • Polyvinyl acetate solid resins

Areas of application

  • Foodstuffs
  • Pharmaceuticals and biologics
  • Agrochemicals
  • Household products, personal care & cosmetics
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Chemical industry