Wacker Chemical Corporation

Eddyville, Iowa, USA

All-purpose cyclodextrins from fresh corn starch

Our Eddyville plant is located in America’s Midwest, right in the middle of the world’s largest corn-growing region. In 1999, we started manufacturing cyclodextrins here – ring-shaped sugar molecules that can encapsulate other substances and are used as stabilizers and carriers in the food and pharmaceutical industries. WACKER is the global market leader in this sector and the only manufacturer in the world capable of producing all three natural cyclodextrins in large quantities.

Cyclodextrins are naturally occurring carbohydrates made from corn starch. Fresh corn starch, the raw material, is delivered four times a day, directly from a neighboring agricultural company. This direct availability offers us perfect conditions for production and gives you a high degree of supply security.

Site-Specific Facts & Figures

  • Name: Wacker Chemical Corporation
  • Location: 120 km southeast of Des Moines, around 500 km southwest of Chicago, USA
  • Area: 145,000 m²
  • Employees: 20
  • Products: cyclodextrins
  • The production site observes the environmental guidelines set out by the global chemical industry’s Responsible Care® initiative and has a comprehensive quality and safety program.

Wacker Chemical Corporation

1 Wacker Drive
Eddyville, IA 52553
United States
+1 641 969-4817

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