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Creating Values and Growing Together

Collaboration built on trust is a key ingredient for success: both for ourselves and our suppliers.

Approx. 10,000 suppliers

Approx. 500 key suppliers

70% of our key suppliers are covered by the TfS initiative

Values and Goals

Our collaboration is based on shared values and goals that secure our competitiveness and mutual success in the long term. We count on a constructive partnership and enduring cooperation as well as fair market conditions in good times and bad.

Quality and Reliability

You rank among the best in your market and support us with innovative products, reliable services, punctual deliveries and competitive prices.

We also expect our partners to use a management system that meets ISO 9100 (quality) requirements or one compatible with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Industrial suppliers must be certified to ISO 14002 (environmental protection).

Sustainability and Social Standards

WACKER has joined international initiatives such as Responsible Care® and Global Compact. We have also defined our own Code of Sustainability that exceeds legal requirements for protecting the environment, employees and society. We expect your wholehearted cooperation in implementing these rules with respect to occupational safety, health and safety and environmental protection.

WACKER is part of the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative. This chemical-industry procurement initiative has devised a process to review the sustainability of suppliers. We expect our key suppliers to conduct the analysis and enhance their sustainability performance.

Sustainability at Our Suppliers

Digitalization and Efficiency

We are counting on digitalization, innovation, efficient procurement processes and cutting-edge IT systems to achieve this goal. We expect our suppliers to support us in these endeavors by using standard IT interfaces.

Purchasing System Information

To find out more about WACKER's new purchasing system and the available market interfaces, please visit the following page:

Purchasing System Information

Key Suppliers

We have an especially close relationship with our most important suppliers that goes beyond the principles mentioned above:

  • Supplier evaluation: we regularly evaluate the performance of our key suppliers.
  • Continuous improvement process: we regularly communicate with our key suppliers about how they are furthering their development to ensure a long-lasting supplier relationship.
  • Supplier qualifications and audits: we conduct random checks or regular quality checks or process audits, if necessary.
  • Sustainability: WACKER is a member of the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative. Our key suppliers can provide proof that their business practices harmonize with globally acceptable sustainability criteria.

Communicating with You

To further intensify communication with our partner companies, we have been holding Supplier Days in Europe, Asia and the USA since 1995. These events focus on current topics and serve as a management-level platform where WACKER and key suppliers can exchange information.

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