77 patent applications submitted

3,600 active patents worldwide

1,200 patent applications currently pending

762 employees in R&D

Research and Development at WACKER

At the heart of everything

WACKER is a global company driven by in-depth research. Providing impetus for innovative products and applications, we are a technological driving force in many industrial sectors. We invest more than 2 percent of our sales in R&D projects; a good 5 percent of our employees worked in R&D in 2021.

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Research and Development Includes Knowledge Transfer

Our interactions with you, our customers, are vital. You use our products; you define your markets’ current and future needs. In partnership with our customers, we identify trends that promise growth and ensure long-term market success and competitiveness. Close links with universities and research institutions play a key role, too. We promote pure research. In 2006, we established an interface between academic and industrial research when we set up the Institute of Silicon Chemistry at TUM (Technical University of Munich).

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Conducting R&D at Two Levels

Our Corporate R&D department focuses on pure and product-related research so that we can develop high-growth markets. Application-driven R&D (in other words, the enhancement of existing products and processes) is the responsibility of our business divisions. This area of R&D is becoming increasingly international in outlook – paying close attention to your needs and your markets. For instance, by being based directly in local markets, our technical centers can tailor products to meet specific needs. This is often a source of inspiration for basic research.

We Create a Long-Lasting Competitive Advantage

  • Mission: to improve human health and safety and to protect the environment
  • Our approach: we come up with scientific solutions for the challenges facing our customers and society
  • Areas of focus: we develop solutions relevant to the energy supply of the future, to the use of carbon dioxide and natural raw materials, and to health and nutrition
  • Organization: our R&D activities take place in an international environment liaising with suitable partners