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Mumbai and Bengaluru, India

Ever since it was established WACKER ACADEMY India has had a very close, focused, collaborative relationship with the Indian market, acting as a neutral platform for knowledge exchange, enabling & accelerating industry standards. Our training program takes into account the challenges that the region’s unique characteristics and climate pose when it comes to solutions in construction chemistry.

Knowledge that Moves You Forward: WACKER ACADEMY India

We opened a WACKER ACADEMY branch in Mumbai in 2009 in order to continue expanding our presence on the Indian market and to raise awareness for the WACKER brand among our customers. Because the Academy is physically connected to our technical center, our participants have three large laboratories at their disposal for an exceptionally wide range of applications. They also have access to two conference rooms.

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Courses focusing on specific topics

  • Polymers and silicones for the construction industry
  • Polymers and silicones for the adhesives and sealants industries
  • Polymers and silicones for industrial coatings
  • Silicones for elastomers and plastics
  • Silicones for personal care

Training formats

  • Theoretical and practical classroom training
  • Individual courses given at the customer’s premises
  • Participation in symposia and expert panels
  • Live demonstrations

Seminars in India (Mumbai and Bengaluru)

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Dry-Mix Mortar and Its Various Applications

India (Mumbai, Bengaluru) Presence Customers, Distributors

This seminar presents the range of WACKER’s high-quality polymer binders and addresses the requirements and properties of VINNAPAS® for dry-mix mortars.

Upon request English Upon request Hindi

WACKER ACADEMY India is of interest to you if

  • You and your employees want to understand our products and applications in detail and you wish to deepen your knowledge
  • You want to give new employees training specific to our products and applications
  • You’re interested in new solutions to meet the demands of your market

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