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Burghausen, Germany

The heart of the WACKER group

Our key production site – and one of Bavaria’s most successful business and innovation centers.

Going global from Burghausen: this is where the WACKER success story began.

And Burghausen remains our company’s most important production site. All WACKER business divisions produce here, as well as Siltronic AG and Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG.

  • Situated 110 km east of Munich
  • At home in the Bavarian Chemical Triangle
  • 2.3 km² in size
  • Some 8,200 employees
  • 150 production facilities
  • Certified to DIN ISO 9001 and 14001
  • Member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact

A Strong Regional Partner, A Modern Employer and A Good Neighbor – That’s How We work in Burghausen

Raw materials

Turning 5 Into 3,000 – These Raw Materials Are Our Foundation

Today, four main raw materials form the basis for production at the site: raw silicon, methanol, ethylene, acetic acid and rock salt. Over 3,000 different products are manufactured from these and other raw and auxiliary materials.


Optimized Material Loops – Integrated Silicon Production is the Site’s Main Strength

The system is based on the principle of recycling and reusing products and raw materials in a network of optimized material loops. This involves using byproducts from one production process as raw materials for parallel production processes, conserving both energy and resources.

Hydroelectric Power – An Environmentally Friendly Way to Generate Energy

The site consumes around 3,100 GWh of electricity per year (as of 2017) – that’s about the same as the consumption of private households in a city with 1.7 million residents. The Alzwerke power plant – Germany’s largest industrial hydroelectric plant – produces approx. 270 million kWh of electricity annually in an environmentally compatible manner, covering nine percent of the site’s energy demand. A further 40 percent is produced by a state-of-the-art gas-and-steam-turbine power plant (also referred to as a combined heat and power (CHP) plant).

The Alz Canal, WACKER’s Lifeline: History, Facts and Figures
Crane in a harbor

A Hub for More Than 1 Million Metric Tons Worth of Product – A Modern Logistics Center

Every year, more than one million metric tons (as of 2017) of WACKER products are shipped from the Burghausen site via rail and road. A modern logistics center with a container terminal and direct rail link allow storage and distribution processes to be combined and transportation optimized.

Production workers on site

Top Basic and Advanced Training – Highly Trained Employees Secure the Site’s Future

For decades we have paid particular attention to vocational and advanced training. We play a leading role in Bavaria’s vocational training sector.

With the Burghausen Vocational Training Center (BBiW), a Wacker Chemie AG foundation, we are not only committed to initial training for young people, but also offer advanced training and retraining in the fields of chemistry, physics, metal work and electrical engineering, as well as in commercial subjects.

Workplace Safety – The Health and Safety of Our Employees Is Always Our Priority

At WACKER, systematic workplace safety goes without saying. All employees receive individual safety briefings for their workplace. Hazards are regularly assessed and work areas are constantly monitored.

Our Health Services unit at the Burghausen site is responsible for health protection and all issues involving occupational, environmental, emergency and general medicine.

  • We fulfill Occupational Health and Risk Management System (OHRIS) requirements.
  • We are actively involved in Germany’s workplace health promotion network – “Unternehmen für Gesundheit e.V.”
  • We are committed to the principles of workplace health promotion in the EU.
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Environmental Protection – Taking Responsibility for the Future

Thinking and acting in economically, ecologically and socially responsible ways – far beyond what is legally required – are an important part of our key corporate goals. Since 1998, the Burghausen site has been certified to DIN ISO 9001 and 14001 as part of the Integrated Management System for quality, health, safety and the environment.

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Open House

To Good Neighbors – Issues Important to Local Residents

We promote open communications with people living in the town and surrounding areas. This includes a diverse range of social engagement projects, but also honoring the responsibility we have as a chemical company towards our neighbors.

The WACKER Knowledge Forum The WACKER Company Band Cooperation Partner for Campus Burghausen


What’s the best preparation for potential incidents? Detailed emergency response plans, regular drills, a highly qualified and professional Plant Fire Department and 24/7 rescue services!

More about the safety plan in Burghausen

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