SILPURAN® Film 2030 250/xxx is an exceptionally skin-compatible protective film made from cross-linked silicone rubber, specially developed for the healthcare industry. The ultrathin film is showing constant electrical resistance and good comparative tracking resistance across a broad range of temperatures. The width is 250 mm and thickness is given in µm (xxx). xxx stands for  

  • 20 µm
  • 50 µm
  • 100 µm
  • 200 µm
  • 400 µm

SILPURAN® Film 2030 250/xxx is also available with a thickness of

  • 10 µm and
  • 15 µm.

The thickness variation over the entire width is +/- 1 µm. The production width is also 250 mm here.


SILPURAN® Film possesses all familiar properties of SILPURAN® product range. It fulfills the highest medical standards.

  •  biocompatible
  •  chemically stable
  •  resistant to heat
  •  flexible at low temperatures
  •  transparent
  •  permanently elastic
  •  food contact application possible on request

Specific features of SILPURAN® FILM 2030

  • Biocompatible
  • Electrically insulating
  • FDA compliant
  • Flexible at low (-40 °C) and high temperatures (+180 °C)
  • Food-contact
  • Gas permeable
  • Highly transparent
  • Precise

Data sheets

SILPURAN® Film is manufactured and packed under cleanroom conditions, class 8.

Cutting and packing of film sheets is done in a clean environment, outside the cleanroom.

Silicon Film can be glued to a numerous substrates with standard silicone adhesives. Depending on your requirements, ELASTOSIL® E43 can be the glue of choice.

Adhesion can generally be achieved and / or improved by using plasma boding.

Silicone Film can be processed by conventional technologies like die cutting, laser cutting or water jet cutting.


SILPURAN® Film is available in a variety of thicknesses. Our standard portfolio offers film layers from 20 µm to 400 µm with standard thickness of 

  • 20 µm
  • 50 µm 
  • 100 µm 
  • 200 µm 
  • 400 µm

Upon request thicknesses down to 10 µm can be provided 

The delivery is always on a PET carrier, either on a rolls or as sheets. 

Dimensions and order sizes of the roll: 
10 m² ≙ 40 linear meter x 250 mm width
20 m² ≙ 80 linear meter x 250 mm width 
The roll stock is supplied with an inner diameter of 3" (≙ 7,62 cm)

Sheets have the dimension of 210 mm x 250 mm, delivered in boxes with 20 sheets each.


Minimum temperature allowed during storage and
transportation: 0 °C

Maximum temperature allowed during storage and
transportation: 80 °C

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