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About Wacker Chemicals Korea

WACKER, the Munich-based chemicals group, has been supplying chemical products to Korea since the mid-1980s. In 1996, the local subsidiary, Wacker Chemicals Korea Inc. was established for full-fledged operation in the nation. WACKER bought out vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) polymers business from its long time partner, Air Products, in 2008, including the production facilities in Ulsan in the south-east of Korea. In 2010, the German chemical company acquired Lucky Silicone brand from Henkel Technologies Korea Ltd. together with the production plant in Jincheon, south-east of Seoul, the capital of Korea. Wacker Chemicals Korea is currently operating two production facilities in Ulsan and Jincheon.

For stronger market presence and technology development in the region, Wacker Chemicals Korea has opened new Silicones R&D Center, COEE (Center of Excellence Electronics) in 2012, and has completed the integration and expansion by relocating its Suwon Polymers technical center and Seoul offices to Pangyo in a suburb of Seoul. The Silicones R&D Center and expanded Polymers Technical Center in Korea are designed to develop customized high performing products, collaborate with its customers for new product development and provide prompt technical services tailored to the accelerating needs in the industry.

Wacker Chemicals Korea has been dedicated to green and energy-efficient technology to develop innovative construction materials. Wacker Chemicals Korea was awarded Minister Award from the Ministry of Environment in the category of 2010 Healthy Housing for its eco-friendly products to improve indoor air quality and maintain pollutant-free indoor environment. In the same year, Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice honored it with Excellence Award for manufacturing industry in the 10th Best Foreign Corporation Award in recognition of Wacker Chemicals Korea’s core values in transparency in management: legal compliance and financial performance.

Robust competitiveness of Wacker Chmicals Korea lies in pursuing efficient management and aligning the company’s innovation effort to megatrends and to dynamic developments in specific technological and customer segments. The Group and Wacker Chemicals Korea are a globally active chemical leader making strides in a variety of sectors, such as electrical, electronic, and automotive industry.

Wacker Chemicals Korea Inc.

Pangyo Techno Valley
S-3F, 231 Pangyoyeok-ro
Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,
Gyeonggi-do 13494
South Korea

Phone: +82 31 697-7200
Fax: +82 31 697-7209


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