Innovative Silicone Films

WACKER silicone films are ultrathin, high-precision films of crosslinked silicone rubber which are available as roll stock in various thicknesses from 20 to 400 μm, and in sheets. The silicone film is manufactured under cleanroom conditions entirely without solvents.

Our patented process means that the maximum thickness variation across the film width is ±5%. This precision, combined with the proven properties of silicone rubber, opens up entirely new opportunities: it paves the way for applications that, until now, have been almost inconceivable, let alone realizable on an industrial scale.

The silicone film is available in two different forms:

  • ELASTOSIL® Film for electroactive polymers (EAPs)
  • SILPURAN® Film for medical applications

Marketed as ELASTOSIL® Film, the silicone film is ideal as a high-precision dielectric layer in innovative and pioneering electroactive polymers (EAPs) – for instance as actuators, smart sensors and generators. For example, it can be used to make artificial muscles or valves that convert energy into motion.

Thanks to its the characteristic silicone properties, the film can also be used in smart textiles and in power plants to extract energy from sea waves, as well as for separating gases and as extremely high-precision insulation.


  • Ultrathin (20 to 400 µm)
  • High level of precision (±5% thickness variation)
  • High elastic recovery
  • Permanently elastic
  • Heat resistant and flexible at low temperatures
  • Selectively gas-permeable

How ELASTOSIL® Film Works as a Dielectric Medium

SILPURAN® Film from WACKER is an exceptionally skin-compatible, protective film made of crosslinked silicone rubber, specially developed for the health-care industry. Available in a variety of thicknesses (20 to 400 µm), this film is manufactured under cleanroom conditions using innovative production technology.

SILPURAN® is the perfect choice for manufacturing breathable, atraumatic wound dressings that provide optimum support for the healing process. This novel silicone film can also be used as a gas-permeable membrane in other medical devices, such as heart-lung machines.


  • Biocompatible and biodurable
  • Chemically stable
  • Heat-resistant
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Sterilizable
  • Permanently elastic
  • Permeable to gas and water vapor

SILICONES – Definition and Properties

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