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Putting Construction Chemistry to the Test

Two new houses in Dubai, visually identical – and yet completely different. While one used construction materials modified by WACKER chemistry, the other used conventional building materials. The purpose of the exercise? To measure the advantages of modern construction chemistry for the environment – under real regional conditions.

Dwindling resources and increasing environmental burdens are presenting the construction industry with new challenges: How can we build more sustainably? What options do we have for reducing energy consumption and saving resources in our buildings? And how do regional factors – such as the climate – influence sustainable building?

WACKER Chemicals Middle East explored these questions as part of an exciting show house project, which was carried out in cooperation with the Dubai Central Laboratory Department in Dubai.

Same but Different

Two identical show houses were built for the project in Dubai using regional construction techniques. Same size, same structure, same features – but with one crucial difference: one used building materials modified by WACKER construction chemistry, while the other house used conventional building materials typical of the area. Both houses were also equipped with air conditioning, which was set to a constant temperature of 23 degrees.

Take a Look Inside!

Watch our video for a tour of the WACKER show house and see for yourself where WACKER construction chemicals were used.

Construction Chemicals Used in the WACKER Show House

The Battle Begins

Over a period of one year, the room temperature, indoor climate and energy consumption were measured in both show houses. This enabled us to quantify the effects of WACKER construction chemistry under real climatic conditions. The result is perhaps unsurprising, but impressive: compared to the traditional house, the WACKER show house showed significant improvement in many areas.

  • Energy consumption fell by 60%
  • CO2 emissions fell by 59.76%
  • The interior temperature remained largely constant at 23 °C. At the other house, it fluctuated significantly despite air conditioning
  • Humidity was usually much higher than that of the other house, thanks to insulation
  • Air quality improved significantly thanks to the use of VAE paints and silicone sealants
  • Exterior façade dirt pickup decreased by 25%
  • Significant reduction of sand and cement by using the CTA thin-bed technique

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