Testing Power

Modern primers, ceramic tile adhesives, waterproofing membranes, and thick coats have one thing in common: their unique properties are achieved by polymer modification. With VINNAPAS® dispersions, WACKER offers a versatile portfolio for a broad range of applications.

How can we ensure that VINNAPAS® grades match the demands of individual applications? By thoroughly testing them! Whether the adhesion strength of tile adhesives, the crack-bridging abilities of waterproofing membranes or the rain resistance of thick coats: at WACKER, we have suitable tests for all relevant properties.

Building Quality in Layers

In primers and bonding agents, VINNAPAS® dispersions contribute to the long-term stability of layered building systems. Here, VINNAPAS® dispersions display excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and good penetration into the surface, thus consolidating the substrates and controlling their absorbency.

Tests show that VINNAPAS® dispersions penetrate perfectly into porous substrates.

Adhesion Strength and Penetration Potential

Porous substrates require proper priming to ensure that subsequent mortar layers cure and adhere well. During renovation and refurbishment projects, the porous substrate is often loose as well and needs to be solidified. VINNAPAS® dispersions penetrate perfectly into porous substrates, solidifying loose material through their considerable binding power.

Substrate exhibits cohesive failure.

In non-porous substrates, the absence of pores means that mechanical anchoring will not result in strong bonds. Here, chemical bonding is the only secure adhesion mechanism. VINNAPAS® silanized, styrene-acrylate dispersions are the products of choice for excellent anchoring via chemical bonding.

Tile Adhesives:
Performance Meets Convenience

Polymer modification opens up the application spectrum of ceramic tile adhesives (CTAs) by increasing adhesion, cohesion and flexibility. This makes it possible to bond a wide range of tiles on almost any surface, e.g. other tiles, wood or gypsum board. VINNAPAS® polymer dispersions can be used in 2K and 1K systems. The strong consumer trend towards convenience products has made 1K ready-to-use ceramic tile adhesives a strongly growing application. These tile adhesives do not have to be mixed on site and can be used straight from the bucket.

Wetting test according to WACKER test method PML 638.

Excellent Wetting and Open Time

The wetting capability is an important factor for the functionality of any adhesive. Open time greatly affects ease of use. Regular tests performed by WACKER’s Application Development Department prove that dispersion-based tile adhesives modified with VINNAPAS® perform extremely well in both parameters, well above the benchmark for D2 classification.

Excellent Shear Bond Strength Across a Wide PVC Range

Shear bond strength tested after storage under various conditions is the most decisive performance criterion for class D2 RTU ceramic tile adhesives. Watch our video to find out how shear bond strength is tested.

Waterproofing Membranes:
Keeping Out the Water

VINNAPAS® polymer dispersions provide waterproofing membranes (WPMs) with a high-performing combination of adhesion and flexibility. This means the membrane only needs to be a few millimeters thick to form a reliable barrier against water. VINNAPAS® dispersions are available for liquid 1K ready-to-use waterproofing membranes, for 2K cementitious waterproofing membranes, and for flexible polymer-modified thick coats.

Best Under Pressure

Tests show that 1K ready-to-use waterproofing membranes based on VINNAPAS® silanized S/A dispersions withstand hydrostatic water pressure of at least 1.5 bar for a minimum of 7 days. They also yield excellent crack bridging and tensile adhesion bond strength. Watch our video to see how the tests are carried out.

High Strength at Low Temperatures

2K cementitious waterproofing membranes based on VINNAPAS® VAE grades easily pass requirements for water impermeability under hydrostatic water pressure (EN 14891). They also provide excellent crack-bridging ability – at temperatures down to -20 °C depending on the formulation – and very good tensile adhesion bond strength. Watch our video to see how 2K waterproofing membranes are tested.

Thick Coats:
Building a Strong Base

VINNAPAS® improves the characteristics of polymer-modified thick coats used for basements, plinths and base points. They are also recommended for sealing plaster or concrete surfaces and as a bonding layer on old bitumen coatings. They dry quickly, are bitumen-free and can be painted or plastered.

Easy Processing Yet Excellent Crack Bridging

Flexible polymer-modified thick coats formulated with VINNAPAS® are characterized by easy processing and short drying times. What’s more, they display excellent crack-bridging ability, high adhesion bond strength and water impermeability.

A Deep Dive into the Exciting World of VINNAPAS® !

Since their market launch, WACKER’s VINNAPAS® polymer dispersions have paved the way for decisive innovations in construction materials and in the construction sector. Their unique properties and versatility make them a perfect choice for a broad range of applications, such as primers and adhesives, waterproofing membranes and thick coats.

Download our interactive pdf to learn more about VINNAPAS® construction dispersions, their history, unique properties and typical applications.