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In the town of Kyrksæterøra in Norway WACKER acquired its first silicon plant effective July 1, 2010. It was a strategic decision towards backwards integration of the WACKER SILICONES business to secure raw material deliveries. The plant has been running since 1964 and has a yearly capacity of appr. 50,000 metric tons of silicon. The process runs continuously and in total 180 employees are running the operations.

Some of the silicon produced at Holla serves silicones production at WACKER’s Nünchritz and Burghausen sites.

Picture Gallery

  • The rock-hard quartz melts in the furnace.
  • The carbon in the coal removes the two oxygen atoms from the quartz (chemical name: silicon dioxide) – leaving liquid metallurgical-grade silicon.
  • Liquid silicon metal flows out of ladles onto a bed of silicon sand, where it can cool and solidify.
  • The Holla plant’s 130 employees produce 50,000 metric tons of metallurgical-grade silicon per year.
  • After the melt has cooled, large chunks of metallurgical-grade silicon are taken to the crusher.
  • Quartz gravel – the starting material for silicon production – is shipped to Holla from Egypt, Norway and Spain.
  • The company’s own 240-meter-long dock can cope with oceangoing freighters.
  • Site manager Torbjørn Halland in front of administrative and production building.
  • Holla’s location is ideal for shipping, as it lies on the sheltered Hemnefjord, which doesn’t even freeze over in winter.
Facts & Figures on the Site
Location Kyrksæterøra, Norway
Area 240,000 m²
Employees Approx. 180 (as of December 31, 2012)
Products Silicon and MicroSilica


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