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Responsible Care®

The Chemical Industry Reaches Out

With its voluntary Responsible Care® initiative, the chemistry industry is committed to doing more than the law requires. In practical terms, this means promoting sustainable development, practicing product stewardship, maintaining a high level of safety on site and in the surrounding areas, fostering a healthy workplace environment and continuously improving environmental performance. Responsible Care® is helping the chemical sector to earn the public’s trust as an industry that significantly improves living standards and quality of life.

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s global initiative to continuously improve health, safety and environmental performance. The initiative goes beyond legislation and other regulations: member companies work together with the authorities and various stakeholders to implement numerous voluntary programs.

International Responsible Care® Principles

Responsible Care® members have committed themselves to ensuring that manufacturing processes and products are safe for both people and the environment. Another of the initiative’s aims is to make the general public aware of the benefits of chemical products, which have become an integral part of our daily lives.

International Responsible Care® principles require companies and national associations to cooperate in the following areas:

  • Continuously improving our understanding of environmental protection, health and safety, as well as improving the capacity of technologies, processes and products to prevent harm to people and the environment
  • Using raw materials efficiently and minimizing waste
  • Reporting on performance, problems and achievements
  • Being open to expectations and concerns, listening to people and taking them seriously
  • Cooperating with governments and organizations to develop and implement effective regulations and standards, and then meeting or even exceeding these
  • In the interest of responsible handling of chemicals, offering advice and assistance to individuals using and working with chemicals all along the product chain

WACKER Was On-Board Right from the Start.

The Responsible Care® initiative – along with its characteristic logo of two hands surrounding a chemical compound – was established in Canada in 1985. Responsible Care® was launched in Germany in 1991 – an initiative that had its beginnings in the sector’s “Chemistry and the Environment” guidelines dating back to 1986.

The goals of Responsible Care® concur with those of Agenda 21. At the World Summits in Rio de Janeiro (1992) and Johannesburg (2002) the initiative was officially recognized. In 2006, the international chemical industry affirmed its commitment to Responsible Care® with a Global Charter.

WACKER launched its commitment to Responsible Care® in 1995, and acknowledges its substantial responsibility for product stewardship, occupational safety, transport safety, plant safety and emergency services, environmental protection, and transparency in communications.

In January 2006, Wacker Chemie AG’s Executive Board signed the “CEO Declaration of Support for the Responsible Care® Global Charter,” thus committing the company to further strengthen its Responsible Care® activities. They focused on several areas: environmental protection, safety, occupational health and, not least, the development and manufacture of chemicals that remain safe and environmentally compatible for their entire life cycle. Also that year, WACKER reaffirmed its dedication in the “CEO Statement of On-Going Commitments.”

The Responsible Care® philosophy is now so familiar to WACKER employees that many activities – such as those relating to occupational safety and environmental protection – are no longer associated with the initiative, rather have become part of life at the company. The Sustainability Report gives an overview of the many projects at WACKER’s international sites that contribute to Responsible Care®.

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