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ELEMICA Buyer Direct (EBD)

Automated Order Process

What is ELEMICA?

ELEMICA is an independent provider that acts as an electronic “facilitator” between a wide range of electronic data management systems. ELEMICA thereby enables you to exchange data electronically with partners whose own systems differ from yours.

WACKER B2B Integration

What is ELEMICA Buyer Direct (EBD)?

Using the ELEMICA network, you can automatically send orders directly to WACKER and quickly receive suitable feedback via email. In doing so, the following messages can be transmitted electronically:

  • Orders
  • Order changes
You are automatically emailed the following messages to process your order:

  • Order confirmation
  • ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notices)

Advantages of ELEMICA Buyer Direct:

  • Lower number of orders with errors and resultant problems, such as credit and debit notes, incorrect shipments, etc.
  • Faster and more cost-efficient handling of exceptions
  • No printing out or faxing of orders required
  • Ability to order 24/7
  • Further use of your own goods management systems
  • Automatic connection to all ELEMICA members

One Connection – Many Companies

You can use your ELEMICA connection for more than just business processes with WACKER. After all, you are connected to all other member companies, too.

You can access extensive information on this topic anytime online via our e-business team.