Award Ceremony 2014

Along with the Kipping Award, the WACKER Silicone Award is the world’s most prestigious accolade in silicon chemistry. Research awards such as these promote the exchange of information between scientists and companies. In this way, they contribute greatly to scientific and technical collaboration, which is the very basis of innovation.

Silicones are the basis of materials with highly diverse product properties for virtually unlimited applications. Silicones are used in a broad variety of industries ranging from the automotive, construction and chemical sectors, through electrical engineering, electronics, cosmetics and consumer care to textiles, pulp and paper, metal processing and mechanical engineering.

Previous winners of the WACKER Silicone Award
2016 Prof. Dr. Alexander Filippou (University of Bonn, Germany)
2014 Prof. Dr. Akira Sekiguchi (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
2011 Prof. Matthias Drieß (Technical University of Berlin)
2009 Prof. Ulrich Schubert (Technical University of Vienna)
2007 Prof. Yitzhak Apeloig (Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa)
2005 Prof. Mitsuo Kira (Tohoku University, Japan)
2003 Prof. Don Tilley (University of California, Berkeley)
2001 Prof. Manfred Weidenbruch (University of Oldenburg)
1998 Prof. Robert Corriu (†) (University of Montpellier, France)
1996 Prof. Hubert Schmidbaur (Technical University of Munich)
1994 Prof. Edwin Hengge (†)
1992 Prof. Richard Müller (†) and
Prof. Eugene Rochow (†)
1991 Prof. Hideki Sakurai (Science University of Tokyo)
1989 Prof. Robert West (University of Wisconsin)
1988 Prof. Nils Wiberg (†) (University of Munich) and
Prof. Reinhold Tacke (University of Würzburg)
1987 Prof. Peter Jutzi (University of Bielefeld) and
Prof. Norbert Auner (University of Frankfurt)

Alexander Wacker Innovation Award

Every year since 2006, WACKER employees have been honored for outstanding innovations by being presented with the Alexander Wacker Innovation Award. The annual €10,000 award’s focus rotates between product innovation, process innovation and basic research.

WACKER Innovation Award Winners to Date
2016 Process Innovation
Dr. Ernst Selbertinger, Dr. Bernd Pachaly, Dr. Frank Achenbach, Dr. Maximilian Peter
3D printing technology for the production of silicone parts
2015 Product Innovation
Dr. Andreas Köllnberger
Ultrathin electroactive silicone films
2014 Basic Research
Dr. Carsten Bornhövd, Dr. Tobias Daßler, Dr. Günter Wich
Development of the ESETEC 2.0 System for the production of complex antibody fragments
2013 Process Innovation
Dr. Georg Raming, Ludwig Altmannshofer, Waldemar Stein, Martin Wasner, Markus Hofbauer
Development of a novel procedure for the production of silicon wafers for high-performance building elements
2012 Product Innovation
Christian Daniels, John Boylan, Bruce Gruber:
VAE-based dispersions for paper coatings
2011 Basic Research
Dr. Anne Alber, Dr. Jan Kunert
Fundamental findings on silane synthesis
2010 Process Innovation
Dr. Georg Pietsch, Hr. Michael Kerstan
Planetary Pad Grinding – a novel grinding method to manufacture ultra-flat silicon wafers for future generations of electronic components
2009 Product Innovation
Dr. Philipp Müller
LED – bright future for silicones
2008 Basic Research
Dr. Thomas Kammel, Dr. Volker Stanjek, Dr. Wolfam Schindler
Discovery of the alpha effect aimed at a pioneering study of novel organofunctional silanes and at the development of silane-curing polymers for adhesive and sealant applications
2007 Process Innovation
Harald K. Hertlein
Development of a new process for manufacturing polycrystalline silicon
2006 Product Innovation
Dr. Armin Fehn
Development of new platinum catalysts for 1K addition-curing silicone rubber compounds