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Tailor-Made Solutions & Services for Successful Products

VINNAPAS® vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) dispersions are the products of choice for addressing market concerns about regulations, ecological impact, novel attributes and the support necessary to change the market place.

Better Products with Novel Attributes

While it is important to build better products, it is also important to diversify products and build new attributes into the existing portfolio. Nonwovens are a fast-evolving industry and selecting the right VINNAPAS® VAE dispersion can make the difference between creating a wipe that is dispersible, and a wipe that is abrasive.

Customized Support for More Success

Our nonwovens team specializes more than anything else in providing support.

History of Nonwovens

The nonwovens industry is relatively young, emerging in the late 1970s offering inexpensive alternatives to textiles. Product improvements include modern filter media, more comfortable feminine-hygiene products, and also disposable wipes.

Meeting Market Needs

VINNAPAS® vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) dispersions provide nonwovens with properties such as tensile strength, hand and controlled absorbency, while also ensuring they comply with requirements for food contact, wash resistance, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, heat sealability, and dimensional stability. Our nonwovens experts have the tools and resources to find the right product for your specific requirements.

Tensile Strength & Ecological Impact

  • Durable Nonwovens
    For applications designed to last a lifetime, it is important to have stronger, more efficient binders such as VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions for construction materials that can help turn your products – including glass fiber components – into the industry standard.
  • Disposable Nonwovens
    Wipes need to be strong enough to clean out all kinds of containers. But customers expect them to be flushable, too.

Lab-Tested Performance

Novel attributes are what differentiates products from each other. While VINNAPAS® VAE technology has some features that differentiate it from other binders, it is more important to consider what attributes imparted by VINNAPAS® will best help you serve your market, e.g. for the shoe components industry. One key attribute in the footwear industry, for example, is durability. Our labs offer suitable testing methods for VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions:

  • Abrasion testing
  • Water-absorption testing
  • Wet tensile strength testing
  • Additional testing for other markets and applications

At our labs, we can perform tests in accordance with industrial standards for various applications.

Regulations & Sustainability

WACKER continually participates in trade associations in order to keep abreast of regulatory developments and to anticipate changes. While our VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions for the nonwovens industry have been produced without the use of APEOs for a number of years, there is still speculation about molecules of concern. We can talk to you about how we address those concerns through our VINNAPAS® VAE technology.

What VAE Can Do for You in Your Specific Market

Glass Fibers

VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions offer you a technology that meets all the requirements imposed by the glass fiber industry – including alkali resistance, hand, tensile strength and cross-point strength.

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Shoe Components

Whether you require abrasion resistance, hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity, the VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions range contains a product that will take your application to the next quality level.

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Skin-care and disinfectant wipes need to be safe, easy to use and easy to dispose of. The VINNAPAS® VAE dispersions range is in tune with market needs, ensuring you can deliver what customers really want.

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Tabletop Nonwovens

When a tabletop product is being designed, the beauty of the product, its properties and sustainability are foremost in the minds of the creator and consumer. By manufacturing your tabletop products with VINNAPAS® VAE technology for dispersions, you can meet their expectations.

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