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SILRES® for Industrial Coatings

SILICONE RESINS binders for the manufacture of heat-

and weather-resistant industrial coatings

The SILRES®brand covers an innovative range of products for highly heat- and weather-resistant coatings, and for polymer modification with polysiloxane. SILRES®products have a diverse range of applications and are used in many industrial applications.

Chemical Basis

Highly crosslinked polysiloxanes with organic side groups.


SILRES®products combine aesthetics and functionality. They protect and preserve value. By combining both an organic and inorganic backbone, they can offer exceptional properties:

  • Protection against extreme heat and rapid temperature changes
  • Excellent resistance to sun, wind and weather
  • A versatile array of decorative possibilities and functionality

Product Groups

A range of SILRES® product lines are available depending on the required application:

  • SILRES®silicone resins as binders for highly heat-resistant finishes
  • SILRES®silicone resins as binders for especially weathering-resistant, room-temperature-curing and isocyanate-free paints
  • SILRES®intermediates for modifying organic polymers to improve weathering and heat resistance


SILRES®silicone resins are the perfect binders for heat-resistant coatings. All across the world, they offer impressive advantages in a range of applications day in day out:

  • in the auto industry for exhaust and engine parts
  • as heat-resistant exterior paints in the chemical and petrochemical industries
  • as decorative and functional coatings on stoves, fireplaces and barbecues
  • Non-stick coatings that come into contact with food (as per the guidelines of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and the US Food and Drug Administration)

SILRES®HP silicone resins are ideal binders for weathering-resistant, isocyanate-free topcoats. They are used in novel coating systems for marine and protective coatings, combining improved environmental compatibility with exceptional gloss retention. Examples are:

  • High-performance steel structures, such as bridges or buildings
  • Offshore platforms in highly corrosive environments

SILRES®intermediates provide organic binders with significantly improved heat and weathering resistance. The optimized coatings are used for:

  • Weathering-resistant coil-coating finish, for example for roofing
  • Heat-resistant decorative coatings for pots and pans and kitchen appliances such as toasters, waffle irons, etc.

New Generation: Water-Based Silicone Resin Binders

SILRES® MPF 52 E is a new silicone resin emulsion that not only offers technical benefits, but also satisfies environmental and health requirements. SILRES® MPF 52 E is suitable as a binder for high-temperature and weather-resistant coatings, and can be used to produce water-based, climate-friendly formulations.

SILRES® IC 368 – The Secret Of Brilliant Coatings

Be Brilliant With SILRES® IC 368

Discover SILRES® IC 368, our new liquid silicone intermediate for organosilicon binders, which permits the efficient formulation of highly weathering-resistant, low-VOC coatings with high gloss retention.