SEMICOSIL® - Wacker Chemie AG


Conforms perfectly to electronic components

SEMICOSIL® is the name of WACKER's highly specialized silicone rubber grades for use in various electronics applications. SEMICOSIL®products effectively protect electronic components against external effects.

SEMICOSIL® products are customized to the individual requirements of electronic parts, circuit boards and hybrid elements, and the associated manufacturing processes. They can be fully automatically processed in mixing and metering units, and are thus ideal for cost-effective mass production.

The product range covers a wide selection of room-temperature and high-temperature vulcanizing 1 and 2-part silicone rubber grades.

SEMICOSIL®products, thanks to their wide range of properties, are ideal for processing by conventional methods. When used for encapsulation, SEMICOSIL® reduces thermal stressing of the fragile components and is characterized by extremely low stress values. Coating or protective varnishing of circuit boards or hybrid components with SEMICOSIL® reliably protects components against mechanical and chemical effects. Selected thermally conductive SEMICOSIL®adhesives and sealant grades, by dampening vibrations and thanks to the uniform stress distribution between different materials, are also able to dissipate the heat generated during operation of the component.

SEMICOSIL® UV Success Story