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The High-Performance Additive for Exterior Paints and Plasters in Cold Environments

For proper drying of exterior paints and plasters, the outdoor temperature has to be over 5° C for several days in a row. If it is colder, problems can arise with drying, film formation and applying the plaster. PRIMIS® KT 3000 is an additive, which allows painting and plastering even if the temperatures are at 5° C for only a few hours.

This means that, in many regions, PRIMIS® KT 3000 can lengthen the seasonal time period for carrying out the plastering and painting.

High-Performance Additive for Controlled Flocculation

PRIMIS® KT 3000 contains zinc acetate, which complexes with water molecules, and polyethyleneimine, which can bond to components in the paint or plaster. Just one to three percent of PRIMIS® KT 3000 added to a dispersion (50%) is sufficient for a gel-like structure to form in the paint or plaster, which can protect against rain, for example, until the plaster or paint is dry. This means that successful application is achieved in just hours at 5° C instead of days.

Wide Range of Applications

PRIMIS® KT 3000 shows good compatibility with vinyl-acetate-ethylene-based VINNAPAS® dispersions, in particular with VINNAPAS® EP 523, VINNAPAS® CEZ 3031, VINNAPAS® CEF 52 and VINNAPAS® EZ 3019, but can also be used with other technologies.


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