POWERSIL® - Wacker Chemie AG


Extra Safety in the Transmission Industry

The POWERSIL® brand portfolio describes special WACKER silicones for applications in the transmission and distribution industry. The range also covers silicone fluids, e.g. for transformers, and special silicone pastes.

All POWERSIL® products combine the product safety, quality and reliability essential for these applications, and are characterized by outstanding property profiles. POWERSIL® rubber grades, with their long-lasting hydrophobic properties, tracking and arc resistance, and good low-temperature flexibility, offer special advantages for use under severe climatic conditions, for example in coastal areas or desert climates.

They are ready to process and already tailored to the customer's processing techniques as supplied.

POWERSIL® silicone rubbers and POWERSIL® insulator coatings are 1 or 2-component silicone rubber grades. Depending on the processing technology, the rubber grades are cured at room temperature or high temperatures. They are processed by standard methods, such as spraying (silicone coatings), press curing, injection molding, LPMF (low-pressure mold filling) or extrusion.

POWERSIL® transformer fluid is a high-purity fluid with excellent dielectric properties, very good long-term thermal stability and high ignition temperature.

POWERSIL® Paste AP combines the outstanding dielectric properties of a silicone paste with excellent lubrication properties; swelling of silicone elastomers in contact with the paste is also very low.

POWERSIL®products are used to manufacture insulators, surge arresters and bushings, as well as for coupling sleeves, cable terminations and plugs. The coatings are used for coating porcelain insulators. POWERSIL® Fluid is used as a coolant and insulating fluid in transformers, while the paste is used as a lubricant for push-fitting cable accessories.