GENIOSIL® - Wacker Chemie AG


The Bonding Genius

WACKER's GENIOSIL® products are a diverse range of organofunctional silanes that have become successfully established in the market with countless new developments in this product sector.

The innovative GENIOSIL®special silanes – particularly α-silanes – bear this name for a good reason, since they are true "geniuses" in many applications. With a methylene bridge instead of the conventional propylene one between the Si atom and functional group, α-silanes are highly reactive, offering enormous application potential.

Organofunctional silanes are hybrid compounds that combine the functionality of a reactive organic group with the inorganic functionality of an alkyl silicate in a single molecule. This special propertly allows them to be used as molecular bridges between organic polymers and inorganic materials.

The bridging property of the organofunctional silanes is crucial in many applications. For example, GENIOSIL® silanes are adhesion promoters, curing agents and water scavengers, and are therefore an important component of adhesives and sealants, surface coatings and composites. They are also used for coating fillers and for producing cured PE in the plastics industry.