ELASTOSIL® RTV - Wacker Chemie AG


One and two-part silicone rubbers

One-part silicone rubber products – RTV-1

are ready to use. They cure at room temperature and are ideal for bonding, or sealing and encapsulation – ELASTOSIL® E ELASTOSIL® A, ELASTOSIL® N.

ELASTOSIL®joint sealants are key players: ready-to-use compounds that have been tailored to the specific demands in the plastics, glazing and construction sectors. They offer the professional solution for any joint with optimum bonding - whether as window, sanitary or glazing sealants or in bonding mirrors and plastics.

Two-part silicone rubbers – RTV-2

may be addition or condensation curing. They can be applied automatically, have long pot lives and vulcanize rapidly when heat is applied. The range is completed by gel products – WACKER SilGel® – and foams – ELASTOSIL® SC. RTV-2 silicone rubbers are used for mold making – ELASTOSIL® M – for encapsulation, sealing technology and pad printing – ELASTOSIL® RT – and in composite mold making – ELASTOSIL® C.