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Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

ELASTOSIL® LR liquid silicone rubber products are two-part silicone rubber grades which can be injection molded on fully automated machines without the need for secondary processing. They are generally platinum-curing and vulcanize under heat and pressure. As a rule, the A component contains the platinum catalyst while the B component consists of the crosslinker. They are ideal for high-volume manufacturing and so help to keep unit costs down.

Liquid silicone rubber offers a wide range of applications throughout industry:

  • Automotive
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Transmission and distribution cables (T&D)
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods and food industry
  • Health care and medical technology

For automotive applications, in particular, we offer the ELASTOSIL® FLR series of fluorinated liquid silicone rubber grades that are characterized by particularly high stability towards aggressive media such as gasoline and engine and gear oils. They are chiefly used in the manufacture of automotive and aerospace seals.

Self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber grades that bond to many plastics and metals without a primer or physical pretreatment are particularly advantageous, since they can be used for multi-functional parts, such as hard-soft combinations, and membrane components.

ELASTOSIL® LR liquid silicone rubber is processed by injection molding. Injection molding can produce complex part geometries of precise dimensions in a fully automated production setup without the need for secondary processing.

The ELASTOSIL® LR series also contains specialty low-viscosity grades which are suitable for knife-coating technical textiles because they do not require pressure-curing. This allows the positive properties of the silicone elastomers, such as heat and flame resistance, to be combined with the high mechanical strength of traditional technical textiles.

The A and B components are supplied in 20-kg or 200-kg containers:

  • 20 kg pails with PE inliner (inner diameter 280 mm)
  • 200 kg drums with PE inliner (inner diameter 571.5 mm)

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