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Additives for Silicone Elastomers

Our additives can be used to boost specific properties of solid silicone rubber to meet extreme requirements. The additives are incorporated direct via roll mill or internal mixer to customize the rubber to specification.

ELASTOSIL® AUX additives improve the heat stability, flame resistance and demoldability of ELASTOSIL® solid rubber. We also have additives that impart special properties, such as magnetizability and x-ray opacity. And if it’s color you want, look no further than pigment pastes from the ELASTOSIL® FL and PT series, which can produce nearly any shade you can conceive of. What’s more, secondary colors are just as easy to realize in silicones as translucent ones.

ELASTOSIL® Color Paste FL UV Fluorescent has been developed specifically fluorescent marking of addition-cure silicone rubber. Silicone molded parts or coatings pigmented with this new pigment paste give off a deep blue-violet glow when irradiated with UV light. Silicone processors can exploit this property to develop automated quality control systems for their manufacturing setup.

SILICONES – Definition and Properties

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