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Even in the age of electronic communications, there is still no substitute for paper – but the requirements are changing. The fundamentals keep shifting as production and processing become more efficient, environmental awareness grows, new applications are found and trends such as inkjet printing move center-stage. Continuous product developments in the WACKER laboratories yield a wide range of products for inkjet printing. Paper coatings must meet requirements ranging from standard quality through to the needs of advanced digital images, which are now printed in photographic quality. Inkjet papers coated with HDK® pyrogenic silica and HDK® and VINNAPAS® dispersions yield glossy results that are highly impressive. With our proven POLYVIOL® and VINNACOAT® brands, we offer customized binders that meet the high quality standards imposed by the inkjet industry.


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To provide optimum customer support, WACKER operates a dedicated paper applications department with a well-equipped laboratory and access to a CLC coater for coating paper and board.

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Products Application
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Product Type
BET surface
HDK® N20 InkjetPyrogenic SilicaHydrophilic175 - 225 m2/g
HDK® T30 InkjetPyrogenic SilicaHydrophilic270 - 330 m2/g