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Water Treatment

Whether it is household sewage, wastewater from industry and agriculture, factories or rainwater runoff – most of the time this wastewater contains surface-active chemicals that generate foam. Foam build-up can adversely affect and significantly disrupt wastewater treatment in these facilities.

SILFOAM® solves these problems reliably and permanently. SILFOAM® antifoam agents from WACKER regulate and control the formation of foam during the various purification stages of water treatment facilities. Our foam control systems can also be used to treat highly alkaline wastewater in the semiconductor sector as well as cooling water or textile-industry effluents. With their high efficiency, SILFOAM® antifoam agents enhance process reliability in the plant, permitting economical wastewater treatment.


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SILFOAM® SE 47 Defoaming, Wastewater TreatmentSilicone fluid antifoam agentsAntifoam emulsionsapprox. 17 %low