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Mechanical Engineering

The demands in mechanical engineering are very diverse. Whether electric motors, electromagnets, power generators, production lines, filling equipment or machine parts, products from the ELASTOSIL®, WACKER SilGel® and SILRES® series are always used when one or more of the following properties are required:

  • Heat Resistance
    Specialty grades remain elastic for 1,000 to 2,000 hours at 250  °C and will tolerate temperature peaks of up to 300  °C.
  • Adhesive Properties
    Self-adhesive silicone rubbers adhere to a large number of different substrates without the need for primer. In some cases, however, pretreatment of the substrate is recommended.
  • Chemical Resistance
    Silicone rubber is permanently resistant to aqueous solutions, dilute acids and bases, and solvents.
  • Electrical Characteristics
    In contrast to those of other insulating materials, the electrical properties of silicones and silicone resins, such as insulation resistance, dielectric strength and electrical loss factor, are largely constant over the temperature range from -45 °C to 180 °C – not even storage in water causes much change.
  • Thermal Conductivity
    Special, highly filled grades achieve thermal conductivity of up to 2.5 W x K–1 x m–1.
  • Radiation resistance
    Silicone rubber can be exposed to high doses of electromagnetic radiation – from the microwave to the UV range – without any noticeable effects.
  • Permanently Elastic Properties from -45 °C to over 200 °C

Moreover, cured silicone rubber is ecologically and physiologically safe and is thus suitable for food-contact applications.


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Physicochemical property
Mechanical property
ELASTOSIL® A07 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Amine-curingcontaining solvent; flowable; Heat-resistantStandard
ELASTOSIL® E14 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Acetic-curingHeat-resistant; Non-sagHigh tear strength
ELASTOSIL® E43 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Acetic-curingThixotropicHigh tear strength
ELASTOSIL® E43 N Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Acetic-curingtin freeHigh tear strength
ELASTOSIL® E43 N BLACK Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Acetic-curingtin free
ELASTOSIL® E70 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Acetic-curingHeat-resistantHigh tear strength
ELASTOSIL® N189 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Oxime-curingHeat-resistant; Non-sagHigh tear strength
ELASTOSIL® N2189 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Alkoxy-curingNon-sag; Heat-resistantHigh tear strength
ELASTOSIL® N2197 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1
ELASTOSIL® N2199 Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Alkoxy-curingNon-sagStandard
ELASTOSIL® N9111 BLACK Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Alkoxy-curingNon-sag; tin free; BalancedStandard
ELASTOSIL® N9111 GREY Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Alkoxy-curingNon-sag; tin free; Balanced
ELASTOSIL® N9111 WHITE Bonding & SealingSealants & RTV-1Alkoxy-curingNon-sag; tin free; BalancedStandard
ELASTOSIL® RT 426 all-round potting compoundsRTV-2Condensation-curingHeat-resistant; flowableStandard
ELASTOSIL® RT 480 RTV-2Condensation-curingHeat-resistanthigh hardness
ELASTOSIL® RT 563 all-round potting compoundsRTV-2Condensation-curingHeat-resistant; flowableStandard
ELASTOSIL® RT 607 A/B all-round potting compoundsRTV-2Addition-curingHeat-resistant; flowablehigh hardness
ELASTOSIL® RT 619 A/B all-round potting compoundsRTV-2Addition-curingThermal conductivity; Heat-resistanthigh hardness
ELASTOSIL® RT 646 A/B all-round potting compoundsRTV-2Addition-curingBalancedhigh hardness
ELASTOSIL® RT 675 A/B all-round potting compoundsRTV-2Addition-curingThermal conductivityhigh hardness
ELASTOSIL® RT K all-round potting compoundsRTV-2Condensation-curingflowableStandard