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Improve Consistency

Successful cosmetic products need both effective active ingredients and a suitable carrier, such as a cream or lotion. The carrier’s consistency will determine not only a cosmetic’s properties on the skin or hair, but will also show whether a product offers a certain richness or lightness. Its shelf life will be prolonged, too. A product’s rheological profile can be adjusted with WACKER silicones. Creams and lotions require a certain viscosity for their care effects to be rendered visible, while ensuring suitable consistency.

At the same time, a cosmetic will need a low viscosity during application. The following products are used to adjust such thixotropic behavior.

  • HDK® pyrogenic silicas with a variety of polarities for different solvents
  • Elastomer gels such as BELSIL® EG 5, RG 90, RG 100, REG 102 and REG 1102

Selected products: