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As Versatile as Your Production Processes

WACKER silicones are manufacturers’ silicones. First, they are designed to fit a wide range of applications. Second, they boost manufacturing productivity. And third, they make a significant contribution toward enhancing product competitiveness.

Thinking Beyond the Product

  • Our experience extends well into the processing of our products. To ensure high-quality, stable operations we test our silicones extensively.
  • In our technical and R&D centers around the world, we focus on helping you to realize your individual requirements. Together with your experts, we test how a particular product will bond, seal, coat, or cure.
  • To optimize your process and supply chain, we test applications on the spot; ranging from bonding and potting with silicone adhesives and gels via injection molding with liquid silicone rubber to extrusion and molding with high consistency rubber.


Bonding with RTV-1 and RTV-2 silicone adhesives for a flexible bond between different components, e.g. for bonding of sealings to housings or for optical bonding in displays.


Silicone sealants for reliable gaskets, e.g. to seal battery housings or for fuel cell gaskets.


Silicone gels as encapsulant, e.g. for electrical components in power conversion.


Sprayable silicones that act as conformal coatings (PCB protection).


High consistency silicone rubber (HCR), addition-curing and peroxide curing products, e.g. for extrusion of high-voltage cables.


Coil impregnation in hybrid motors with silicone resins.

Injection Molding

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR); e.g. self-adhesive LSR for 2-part molding of battery connectors.

Accelerating your Manufacturing Processes

To help our customers to shorten manufacturing time, we have developed a range of versatile low-energy cure adhesives, for instance ELASTOSTIL® RT 720, 722 LV, 725 LV and SEMICOSIL® 811 . These low energy cure adhesives are designed for oven-free processing and do not require high temperatures for fast adhesion buildup. Besides, they can be applied to various sensitive substrates, such as glass, copper, steel, PBT, FR4 and aliminum. The LV materials exhibit a low level of volatile siloxanes, D4 – D8 < 350 ppm.