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Is Everything Waterproof?

How do you protect a swimming pool against water? And a flat roof against rain? Or a kitchen against water vapor? Ideally with solutions from WACKER: Find out about how WACKER products protect various different buildings against water ingress and moisture.

Join us on a journey of discovery to learn about our products’ versatile applications:

You can find more information on WACKER solutions here:

Cementitious Waterproofing Membranes

The adhesion and flexibility of cementitious waterproofing membranes can be greatly enhanced by VINNAPAS ® polymeric binders. What’s more, these binders boost the ability of such membranes to bridge cracks.

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Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

By taking GENIOSIL ® WP silane-terminated polymers as a basis, it is possible to formulate liquid waterproofing membranes that can be applied even under unfavorable conditions, dry very fast and do not contain any solvents or isocyanate.

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Bitumen Emulsions

The addition of VINNEVA ® polymer dispersions enhances the tensile strength and adhesion of bitumen emulsions, which dry faster and are less tacky as a result.

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Water Management in Tunneling

Concrete can be enhanced by modifiers from our ETONIS ® 3000 W product family for use in water management and tunneling.

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Water Repellency/Impregnation

Impregnating agents from our SILRES ® BS line reduce the absorbency of mineral surfaces without restricting breathability.

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