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Optimum Distribution

First-class skin and suncare products can be easily and uniformly spread, are absorbed quickly and leave behind a pleasant skin feel.

Low-viscosity BELSIL® dimethicone and alkyl dimethicone reduce the surface tension, ensuring optimum spreading and a pleasant silky skin feel. In particular, low-viscosity dimethicones prevent the whitening of emulsion products during rubbing into the skin.

Active ingredients, color pigments and UV absorbers can be spread more uniformly. The result is an attractive complexion, perfect skin tone and improved sun protection.

Product Recommendations

  • BELSIL® DM 5, DM 10, INCI: Dimethicones
  • BELSIL® CDM 3526 VP, INCI: C26-28 alkyl dimethicone

The low melting point of BELSIL® silicone waxes (e.g. BELSIL® CDM 3526 VP) means it can be used for formulating especially easily distributed oils.