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Intensive Moisture Protection

To retain the natural moisture balance, special silicone waxes of the BELSIL® range form a protective, moisturizing film on the skin.

They reduce transepidermal water loss while retaining the skin’s elasticity and sensitivity.

Your after-sun lotions, in particular, will benefit from the protective effect of these high-melting, alkyl-modified BELSIL® silicones.

Product Recommendation

  • BELSIL® CM 7026 VP, INCI: C26-28 alkyl methicone
More about BELSIL®

Mode of Operation of Film-Forming Silicones

Alkyl-modified BELSIL® silicones create a barrier layer that prevents transepidermal moisture loss and helps the skin to stay supple and smooth.

Without alkyl-modified silicones

With alkyl-modified BELSIL® silicones