Moldmaking with Silicones – an Introduction

What advantages does silicone rubber offer for moldmaking and prototyping? What are typical applications? And why are confectioners, restorers and industrial users alike all sold on silicones? You will find an overview here with links to additional information.

Silicone Elastomers: A Multifaceted Material

The unique property profile of silicone rubber compounds makes them indispensable in a variety of industrial applications. In moldmaking and prototyping, the most convincing properties are:

Discover the ELASTOSIL® M silicone rubber product range for moldmaking and prototyping:

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ELASTOSIL® M: Silicone Rubber Built on Experience

WACKER has been manufacturing silicone rubber since the 1950s. With ELASTOSIL® M, we offer a product range that was specially developed for moldmaking and prototyping. Drawing on longstanding experience in development, manufacturing and applications, ELASTOSIL® M silicone rubber’s numerous, often specialized applications and optimal properties still convince today. Typical properties include:

Industrial Printing Applications

Pads for pad printing on keyboards, toys, athletic gear and automobile components

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Reproduction of artworks for restoration and for museums

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Prototyping (visualization, working and preseries models) and small-scale production

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Vacuum Bag Technology

Vacuum bags for infusion and prepreg processes in composite molding

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Theater and Film

Lifecasting, masks, prosthetics and moldmaking for theater and film

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Construction Molding

Molds for facade elements, face brick, tiles and plumbing fixtures made from concrete and artificial stone

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Jewelry Making

Reproduction molds for jewelery / the lost wax process

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Food and Food Decoration

Molds for cakes, cake decoration, chocolates, desserts, etc.

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Tire Mold Manufacturing

Molds for manufacturing tire production molds and for developing new tires

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Creative Moldmaking

Molds for candles and soap, crafting and DIY

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Good Work: What Inspires Perfectionists

From star desserts to werewolf paws: WACKER silicone rubber is a favorite with those who want more – more transparency, more creative freedom, more reproductions per mold, accurate details See for yourself.

“I’ve used different materials at other locations. But with silicone, it was love at first sight. It is easy to mix, easy to use, feels good and accurately reproduces the details on the original.”Prof. Annamaria Baciu, restorer for the Old Casino, Arad, Romania

Read how the ornate ornaments of the old casino in Arad, Romania were given a new lease on life:

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“Silicone gives us a chance to create something hyperrealistic for the first time.” Brigitte Frank, head of the makeup and hairstyling team, Munich Kammerspiele

Find out how makeup artists at the Munich Kammerspiele meet the sophisticated artistic demands of famous theaters:

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“Silicone is no problem to cool and it’s easy to clean, and that means you can refill it faster.” Carlos Deleye, pastry chef

Discover the secret behind tempting gourmet desserts:

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Interested in Finding Out More?

You will find more articles with application examples in our WACKER Magazine:

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