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Silicones in Prosthetics – Art That Fits Like a Glove

An amputation has a profound impact on a person’s life. RTV-2 silicone rubber compounds from WACKER support a rapid return to mobility and meet patients’ needs for flawless aesthetics, comfort and improved quality of life following surgery.

Whether breast forms, craniofacial prostheses or other artificial body parts, RTV-2 silicone rubber from WACKER plays a key role in manufacturing these products. Our RTV-2 products possess excellent mechanical properties and can be easily combined with ELASTOSIL® FL pigment pastes from WACKER to create customized, aesthetically pleasing prostheses for near seamless incorporation into the patient’s appearance.

Silicones: True Support in a Variety of Applications

External Breast Forms

Each year, 2.1 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and many decide to wear a breast form following a mastectomy. WACKER ELASTOSIL® P silicone gels are soft, movable and very closely mimic a woman’s breast tissue. They also perfectly adjust to the temperature of the skin, making them more comfortable to wear. Thanks to SILPURAN® silicone adhesives, prostheses can be affixed directly on the skin, yet remain repositionable and easy to clean.

Liners for Leg Prostheses

Following an amputation, leg prostheses can help patients regain their mobility and restore their appearance. Acting as an interface between the residual limb and the prosthesis, liners made from WACKER silicone elastomers are soft and flexible, absorb vibrations and thus maximize comfort while remaining securely in place. That protects patients from pain caused by pressure and friction, reduces swelling and alleviates phantom pain.

Finger, Hand and Partial-Foot Prostheses

WACKER silicone rubber products possess outstanding mechanical properties and are excellent for combining with WACKER ELASTOSIL® FL pigment pastes. Prosthetics manufacturers model skin-tone silicone rubber compounds into life-like finger, hand and partial-foot prostheses that are comfortable to wear. The transparency of the material mimics the skin’s translucence.

The Art of Simulating Nature

Preparing a prosthesis is like creating a masterpiece. In painstaking attention to detail, prosthetics makers use high-quality silicones from WACKER to produce deceptively realistic fingers, hands and other extremities that improve patients’ quality of life.

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Innovative product characteristics such as its outstanding molding properties make ELASTOSIL® the product of choice for preparing aesthetically pleasing, functional prostheses.

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