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Learn how our SILRES® silicone products can help protect your metal substrates from high temperatures and weathering damage.


Basic knowledge of chemistry


  • The basics of silicone
  • Choosing the right silicone product
  • Products for industrial coatings

Seminar language


Seminar objectives

When temperatures push your coatings to their limits, it is time to consider SILRES® resins for high-temperature and weathering resistance. This seminar will cover the basics of silicone as well as product suggestions for industrial coatings. A lab portion will also be included.

Target audience

Chemists, technical and marketing managers involved in industrial coating projects

Fee (includes value-added tax)

Charges applicable

Number of participants

5 - 8



Dr. Daniel Calimente

After working with PPG Industries and BASF Corporation, Dr. Daniel Calimente joined WACKER in 2011 as a technical manager. He is currently the technical marketing manager for Industrial Coatings and Plastics. He has also been involved in other market segments such as Oil & Gas. Daniel attended Wayne State University, where he received his PhD in Organic Chemistry and also completed a postdoctoral fellowship.


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