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In Southeast Asia, WACKER has been active since 1984. This combined market of more than 500 million people offers tremendous opportunities. Our local experts speak your language and know your markets.

Customized Solutions for a Diverse Market

Southeast Asia is characterized by both fragmented markets and people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Understanding the local markets is vital for doing business in this part of the world. That’s why WACKER established offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam. At our technical centers in Singapore and Jakarta, our local engineers are always ready to test and optimize your products and applications. The WACKER ACADEMY in Singapore offers you a chance to deepen your knowledge of silicone and polymer chemistry.


WACKER’s Indonesian subsidiary is located in Jakarta with a representative office as well as a technical center, that was opened in 2017. The technical center serves as a development and testing laboratory for dispersible polymer powders and dispersions, which are used as binders for the regional construction, paint, coatings and adhesives industries.


WACKER has a representative office in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is one of the top ten exporters of consumer electronics worldwide and promotes research for innovative medical solutions.


The representative office is located in Yangon. Restoring and protecting buildings as well as saving energy and reducing water consumption are key areas of the market in Myanmar.


The representative office in Bonifacio Global City is responsible for WACKER’s presence in the Philippines. This market has a great demand for sustainable and durable construction materials.

WACKER Square Room – Singapore

Executive Board member Dr. Christian Hartel opened the first WACKER Square Room in the presence of staff and guests. The motto of the room at WACKER’s subsidiary in Singapore is “Connect, Communicate and Collaborate.” Like the WACKER Square mobile app (the new interactive communication channel of WACKER) visitors can experience WACKER’s varied product range aided by digital communication tools such as augmented and mixed reality, as well as physical application examples.

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WACKER established their representative office in Singapore as a strategic base to drive application development for the region. The technical center supports customers in the development of new products and applications for electronics, textiles, automotive, coatings, construction, food and health care products. The seminars at WACKER ACADEMY Singapore are designed with an eye to the latest customer needs and market demands. The WACKER Square Room, which WACKER ACADEMY uses for its training and professional development program, sets new standards for service, consulting and knowledge transfer.


WACKER has a representative office in Bangkok from which the local market is supplied with customized products and solutions.


WACKER representative office is in Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s largest and most populous city. Vietnam has been consistently forecast as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Danielle Moore

Managing Director SEA

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Statement from Dr. Rudolf Staudigl, CEO of WACKER

It’s important to think about the great challenges ahead. One of the major challenges for industry – including the chemical sector – is finding ways of storing energy more efficiently. With our technology, with our chemical expertise, we have a lot to offer here, especially in the field of silicone chemistry. That’s why we have a relatively large team focusing on lithium as we help advance energy storage.

Many southeast Asian countries are rightly called “tiger economies” since they reflect the tiger’s strengths – its hunger and its aggressiveness. With such energy the region will continue developing. The people there are interested in improving their standard of living and participating in global progress. As a result, there are markets opening up, including markets for specialty chemicals. And we are part of this growth.

There are half a billion people living in the tiger economies, half a billion who are eager to improve their standard of living. The product opportunities opening up are unbelievable and we intent to seize them. We are working there through distributers and through our own sales and marketing teams. We want to have presence to be even stronger in these markets, so that we can eventually set up production plants there too.

WACKER has always focused on research. Our research facility is actually older than the company. Research is the corner stone of the future. If you don’t continuously innovate, reinvent yourself and create new products you will only have old products to sell and your business days will be numbered. I believe that innovation motivates us to continuously develop products. Moreover, innovation is highly fascinating and exciting.