Wacker Chemical Corporation Launches US-based Website Silmix.com

Adrian, MI, USA, Oct 18, 2019

Wacker Chemical Corporation launched a new website called SILMIX.com for US-based silicone rubber customers. The website is making it simple for customers to purchase custom silicone rubber compounds online and with speed, care and flexibility.

Visitors to the site will find helpful information on the many custom rubber compounds SILMIX® is capable of developing. This new website will make it painless for customers in navigating the unique and customizable purchasing process from the SILMIX® business teams.

Customers will be able to describe their particular silicone compound needs on a quote request form and will receive a response within approximately two business days. This is an extension of the SILMIX® model of making every silicone compound tailored to customer needs, something often unavailable from conventional websites.

Customers will continue to benefit from the SILMIX® experience of excellent customer service, and with the new site, SILMIX® will continue to grow as a product and a brand in the US. SILMIX.com will enhance this experience. It also includes the backing of WACKER, the Munich based chemical group and a global leader in the silicones industry, and its US subsidiary Wacker Chemical Corporation located in Adrian, MI. WACKER continues to develop and supply solutions meeting rigorous and regional demands and SILMIX.com is just one of those solutions to ensure WACKER products are customers’ first choice.


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