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Dubai Technical Center

Take advantage of support by specialists

The market for construction products is growing so is the demand for high quality raw materials. Consequently, new applications are introduced to meet the changing customer requirements. At the Dubai Technical Center, we help you to find the answers.

Use Our Worldwide Experience

With our Technical Centers around the world, we work side-by-side with customers on new applications or to adapt products to regionally distinctive requirements. As the inventors of dispersible polymer powders, the leader in the market for polymer binders, and the holder of thousands of patents across sectors, WACKER can draw on a century of R&D and unparalleled applications consulting.

Work with Seasoned Experts

The Dubai Technical Center is a highly specialized, applications-focused lab, supporting customers from the Middle East and Africa. Our experts put their extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art test methods to work for you, developing value-adding products and formulations for various aspects of construction, paints and coatings.

Proven Testing for Greater Application Reliability

Does your product meet local requirements? Is it suitable for the specific climatic conditions? Does its formulation have to be adapted to the raw materials of the region?

A team of highly-trained specialists provides technical support, answers questions on formulations, provides training for customers’ technical personnel and cooperates closely with official standardization institutes.

Accredited tests as per ISO 17025

Test Method Application EN DIN
Particle size distribution All mortars EN 1015-1
Density of fresh mortar All mortars EN 1015-6
Compressive & Flexural strength Tile grouts EN 12808-3
Screed materials Self-leveling EN 13813
Tensile adhesion strength Tile adhesives EN 1348
Waterproofing systems Sealing Slurries EN 14891
Deformability Tile adhesives EN 12002
Flow test Self-leveling EN 12706
Slip resistance Tile adhesives EN 1308
Open time Tile adhesives EN 1346
Abrasion resistance Tile grouts EN 12808-2

Additional Tests

Test Method Application EN DIN
Consistency and plasticity of fresh mortars All mortars EN 1015-3
Air content of fresh mortar All mortars EN 1015-7
Density of mortar (cured) All mortars EN 1015-10
Compressive strength of mortar All mortars EN 1015-11
Flexural strength of mortar All mortars EN 1015-11
Adhesion bond strength of mortar Masonry mortars EN 1015-12
Water uptake of mortar Masonry mortars EN 1015-18
Water vapor permeability Masonry mortars EN 1015-19
Determination of water impermeability All mortars DIN 1048-5
Water retention of fresh mortar All mortars DIN 18555-7
Adhesion bond strength and impact resistance EIFS ETAG 0