Chinacoat 2017: WACKER Presents Oil- and Water-Repellent Dispersions for Easy-to-Clean Applications and Binders for High-Performance Exterior Paints and Plasters

Shanghai, Nov 15, 2017

The new PRIMIS® SAF 9000 dispersion ensures permanently clean walls, as can be seen by a direct comparison – while the left-hand surface was painted with a conventional interior paint, the right-hand surface has been prepared with a paint containing PRIMIS® SAF 9000: Even lipstick can be completely removed from the wall covered with the paint containing PRIMIS® SAF 9000 (right bottom), while the wall prepared with the conventional paint shows visible stains after cleaning (left bottom)

Thanks to its special composition, the new PRIMIS® SAF 9000 is both water and oil repellent. The acrylic ester-based dispersion contains extremely fine particles and therefore distributes evenly into the micro- and sub-micropores of the treated surface, which provides good mechanical properties, such as abrasion resistance and durability.

PRIMIS® SAF 9000 can be used in dilute form for dirt-repellent treatment of decorative mineral surfaces, such as self-leveling flooring compounds and concrete floors. It provides long-term protection against the penetration of water or oil-based substances into the pores without impacting the appearance or feel of the flooring.

PRIMIS® SAF 9000 can also be used to formulate so-called “easy-to-clean” interior wall paints which are resistant to a whole host of substances – from tea and coffee to lipstick, mustard or colored pencils and mark pen. Just adding 10-20 percent of the dispersion in relation to the main binder is enough to allow dirt to be simply wiped off the wall without trace just using a cloth with household dishwashing detergent diluted with water. The new PRIMIS® SAF 9000 dispersion is an ideal option for formulating easy-to-clean, dirt-repellent surface treatments for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Additiv - modifizierter Putz
Direct comparison in the lab: after drying for six hours, the test surfaces are sprayed with water. While the conventional plaster (left) is unable to withstand the moisture, the plaster modified with the additive PRIMIS® KT 3000 (right) forms a stable polymer network after just a few hours – even when atmospheric humidity is high and temperatures are only 5 °C

PRIMIS® KT 3000 for High-Performance Exterior Applications

The additive PRIMIS® KT 3000, based on zinc acetate and polyethyleneimine, creates a kind of gel that distributes homogeneously in the coating and forms a stable polymer network forms even when atmospheric humidity is high and temperatures are only 5 °C. It considerably shortens the critical drying time to six hours for wall paints and plasters that are formulated with the additive. The product can readily be mixed with WACKER’s VAE dispersions of the VINNAPAS® range. In this way, PRIMIS® KT 3000 makes it possible to perform outdoor painting work in late autumn or spring in cooler regions, too.

VINNAPAS® 5544 N for Smooth & Flexible Surfaces Such as Diatom Ooze

The dispersible polymer powder VINNAPAS® 5544 N is especially suitable for formulating highly flexible mortars with very good adhesion to inorganic and organic substrates and excellent and scrub resistance. The product is free of odor. Without intentional add of formaldehyde, it enables the formulation of low-emission end products (formaldehyde <5PPM). It also offers high flexibility and easy-to-scrape properties. Meanwhile, with very fine particles, the product is perfect for applications that require very smooth surfaces, such as diatom ooze and skim coats. In addition to enhancing crack resistance, its excellent dispersibility can significantly improve the workability of final products.

VINNAPAS® 7031 H for Hydrophobic Decorative Plasters

VINNAPAS® 7031 H is a flexible dispersible polymer powder with a hydrophobic effect and very good workability. Compounds modified with VINNAPAS® 7031 H exhibit improved flexural strength, deformability, crack and whiskering resistance, as well as improved cohesion and adhesion to substrates. It also significantly reduces water absorption and shrinking percentage of decorative plasters.

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