WACKER HELP is a charitable organization sponsored by both WACKER China and its employees. Established in early 2005, its main aim is to promote education for needy children.

Established in early 2005, its main aim is to promote education in underprivileged regions. In 2008, WACKER HELP made donations to victims of the Sichuan earthquake and helped rebuild the WACKER School in Fujia Village in Sichuan Province. Since then WACKER HELP has launched several long-term projects at the WACKER School, including Needy Pupils Sponsorship, Free Hot Lunch, and the Excellent Teacher Award. In 2017, the WACKER School program received the More than a Market Award 2017 from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in China, the German Consulate General in Shanghai, and the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Additionally, by the end of 2016, WACKER HELP had donated 17 school libraries and one music room to schools across China.

Shanghai Children’s Home “Reading Together” Program

December 2017, Chinese Zodiac reading program: volunteers share stories with children.

The “Reading Together” program at Shanghai Children’s Home started in July 2017. A group of volunteers from WACKER HELP went to help organize books and install CD players. Since then, volunteers spend half day at Shanghai Children’s Home every two months, reading with the children and doing craft projects.

“Reading brings wisdom and happiness to kids and takes them on a journey to understand life. I hope our company can make them feel our love. Also, I hope this program will continue and bring knowledge and love to more needy children.”

– Volunteer from WACKER HELP “Reading Together” program