World Environment Day 2017

Munich, Jun 05, 2017

WACKER is committed to conservation projects across the Group. Employees have already achieved a great deal to this end, living up to the motto of today’s World Environment Day: “Connect with nature.”

The renaturalized habitat on the bank of South Mouse Creek in Tennessee.

A group of employees at our US site in Adrian, Michigan, has set up nesting boxes for various bird species and maintains a two-kilometer nature trail. The 97-hectare site also features native wildflower and butterfly gardens. An outdoor area of almost 81 hectares has been certified for the conservation of wildlife. Employees are involved in nature conservation and species protection projects. For its dedication, the Adrian team was once again awarded the US Wildlife Habitat Council’s (WHC) Wildlife at WorkSM certificate in the period under review, and was also nominated for the WHC Conservation Award 2017.

At our new US site in Charleston, Tennessee, we have renaturlalized South Mouse Creek and planted around 800 trees along 490 meters of riverbank. The project involved preserving the natural habitat of the riverside and naturally filtering the water of South Mouse Creek, which is situated at the end of the Cleveland watershed.

Eight companies from the Bavarian Chemical Triangle came together to establish the “Natural Alz” association in 2015. Based in Burgkirchen, the environmental initiative’s aim is to support Bavaria in renaturalizing the Alz River and enhancing its ecosystem in the long term. Wacker Chemie AG is one of the founding members. In close collaboration with Traunstein’s water management agency, the association supports renaturalization from the town of Trostberg to the mouth of the Inn River. In April 2016, the association donated €100,000.


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