In-Cosmetics Global 2019 - WACKER Expands Its BELSIL® eco Product Line

Munich, Apr 02, 2019

At this year’s in-cosmetics global, the Munich-based chemical company WACKER is presenting a number of product innovations for the cosmetics industry. A particular focus is on three new silicone fluids, a silicone resin and a gum blend – all in the biomethanol-based BELSIL® eco product line. In the BELSIL® line, two new silicone resins are showcased. One system is used to produce foundations and day creams that provide a natural looking matte finish on the skin. The other product imparts an especially deep shine to nail polishes. in-cosmetics takes place in Paris from April 2 to 4.

At this year’s in-cosmetics, the chemical company WACKER is showcasing new silicone fluids in the BELSIL® eco product line, which are produced using biomethanol from renewable resources. (photo: WACKER)

BELSIL® eco was unveiled at in-cosmetics 2018. So far, the product line has comprised six linear dimethicones with viscosities between 5 and 60,000 centistokes (mm2/s). In their production, WACKER uses biomethanol from renewable raw materials. BELSIL® eco silicones therefore have a much more favorable carbon footprint than conventionally manufactured products. WACKER is the only company to offer such products for cosmetic applications.

Now, the company is expanding its BELSIL® eco line with three further low-viscosity silicone fluids: BELSIL® eco DM 0 65, BELSIL® eco DM 50 and BELSIL® eco DM 1000. BELSIL® eco DM 50 and BELSIL® eco DM 1000 are linear dimethicones, BELSIL® eco DM 0 65 is a so-called disiloxane. All of these fluids are colorless, non-polar liquids characterized by very low surface tension and good spreading properties.

The addition of these three grades means the cosmetics industry now has biobased silicone fluids with viscosities of 0.65, 50 and 1,000 centistokes at its disposal. The products can be used as liquid carriers in many cosmetic preparations. Wacker-Belsil® eco DM 0.65 vaporizes rapidly and completely. Thanks to its low heat of vaporization, it evaporates without perceptibly cooling the skin.

Bio-based Gum Blend for Stressed Hair

The new gum blend BELSIL® eco GB 1020 and the silicone resin BELSIL® eco TMS 803 are also based on biomethanol. BELSIL® eco GB 1020 acts as a conditioning agent in fluids to combat split ends, in hair masks and hair conditioners and as a softener in skin-care creams and lotions. The silicone resin BELSIL® eco TMS 803 forms a gas-permeable, water-resistant film that ensures the cosmetic product is long lasting in use. Thanks to its good solubility in cosmetic oils and alcohols, this free-flowing white powder is easy to process.

BELSIL® B 110 and BELSIL® R 220 – Silicone Resins for Adjusting Glossiness

At in-cosmetics, WACKER is also presenting the new BELSIL® B 110 silicone resin. In day creams and foundations, the spherical particles fill out wrinkles or skin imperfections, creating an even skin appearance. At the same time, they scatter light falling on the skin, giving its surface a matte finish and smoothing over wrinkles.

Another new product is BELSIL® R 220. The film-forming silicone resin was designed for use in nail varnishes. It has a high refractive index resulting in a high-gloss, water-resistant surface.

Matte or Glossy – With Silicone Resins Anything Is Possible

Matte surfaces are produced wherever one of the ingredients in the preparation creates a light-scattering surface, i.e. reflects light in different directions. Conversely, a homogeneous, smooth surface with a high refractive index produces specular reflections, and therefore appears shiny.

Many women currently prefer matte surfaces with a natural look, while others want to set a different accent with shiny finishes. With its two new silicone resins BELSIL® B 110 and BELSIL® R 220, the Munich-based chemical company is tapping into current trends for controlling the reflective properties of the skin or hair. Visitors to the WACKER booth at in-cosmetics can gain an overview of which concepts and which silicone products they need to create cosmetic products with targeted reflective properties.

Visit WACKER at in-cosmetics global 2019, at booth G58.


BELSIL® eco Silicone Fluid

BELSIL® eco Silicone Fluid