ACEO® 3D Printing WACKER Plans to Open US Printing Lab for Silicone Rubber at Year End 2018

Munich, Sep 18, 2018

WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group, is currently expanding its ACEO® 3D printing services for silicone rubber and announced the opening of a US-based printing lab later this year. The facility, which will be located at WACKER’s R&D center for silicones in Ann Arbor (MI), is the company’s first regional 3D printing lab outside of Germany. Complementing the ACEO® Campus in Burghausen, Germany, the lab will serve the growing demand for additive manufacturing solutions in North America. WACKER has earmarked a single digit million US-Dollar amount for the investment.

ACEO® is WACKER’s full service provider for 3D printed silicone rubber components. Headquartered in Burghausen, Germany, ACEO® will open its first regional printing lab in Ann Arbor (MI), USA, at year’s end.

The new lab will be equipped with two 3D printers, each of which will be able to process a broad range of silicone rubber with different Shore A hardnesses and in varying colors, including special media resistant FVMQ grades. ACEO®’s unique additive manufacturing technology for silicone elastomers enables unprecedented product designs and complex geometries for rapid prototyping purposes as well as serial manufacturing and cost-efficient production of replacement parts.

For Bernd Pachaly, head of the ACEO® 3D printing project at WACKER, the new lab at WACKER’s silicones R&D Center in Ann Arbor is a major milestone in globally expanding this trailblazing technology: “In general, North America is the largest and most dynamic market for 3D printing. With our new lab, prospective partners will obtain local access to the compelling possibilities of 3D printing with liquid silicone rubber.”

While ACEO® will continue to produce and deliver printed silicone components from its production facility in Burghausen, Germany, the new lab in Ann Arbor will offer technical service and advice to partners and customers throughout North America, thus providing local hands-on experience with WACKER’s unique 3D printing technology. “Right from the start, we will be engaged in projects involving medical devices and components needed for health care, transportation, aerospace and electronics, all of which are key industry segments, particularly for silicone-based products,” Pachaly explains. “Establishing a regional lab will support expansion of ACEO®’s footprint in the US and furthers WACKER’s global service network for silicone rubber 3D printing solutions.”

According to Ian Moore, Vice President WACKER SILICONES at Wacker Chemical Corporation in Adrian (MI), locating the ACEO® 3D printing lab at the company’s R&D facility for silicones in Ann Arbor complements the company’s strategic business model of being close to its customers and serving regional market trends. “Our Innovation Center is focused on developing advanced and forward-looking solutions that support regional trends which can be quickly brought to market. Our team of scientists and highly specialized experts in the field of silicones and 3D printing will be able to offer our business partners valuable technical cooperation and services.”

About ACEO®

WACKER’s 3D printing technology ACEO® is the world’s first industrial-scale technology for the additive manufacturing of liquid silicone rubber components. The unique drop-on-demand technology allows design freedom and the printing of highly functional parts while maintaining the outstanding properties of silicone rubber such as temperature and radiation resistance or biocompatibility. Printed silicone rubber components can be used in a wide range of applications and in several key industries such as the automotive, aerospace & aviation, healthcare and equipment industry as well as in mechanical engineering. ACEO® offers several services including design support, training sessions at its print lab and a webshop for secure file upload and ordering. ACEO® is a registered trademark of WACKER.

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ACEO Aortic Valve

ACEO Aortic Valve

Anatomical model of an aortic valve printed with silicone rubber. ACEO®’s 3D technology enables realistic reproductions of human organs and the manufacturing of biocompatible silicone rubber components increasingly needed in science and in the healthcare industry.

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ACEO Biomodelling

ACEO Biomodelling

ACEO® is WACKER’s full service provider for 3D printed silicone rubber components. Headquartered in Burghausen, Germany, ACEO® will open its first regional printing lab in Ann Arbor (MI), USA, at year’s end.

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