Annual Report 2019

The Future of Living and Building

No matter where in the world buildings are being constructed, quality requirements are rising. More emphasis is being placed on efficient construction methods, sustainability and high-tech construction materials. Every construction project offers an opportunity for improving the quality and sustainability of the buildings that surround us – and that is as true for new buildings as it is for maintenance of existing structures. In recent years, WACKER has consistently geared its product portfolio toward these trends, making it an important partner for the global construction industry. The products we supply for construction and housing applications alone generate €1.7 billion – roughly 35 percent of Group sales.

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Solutions to Global Challenges

There is no alternative to sustainable urban planning. The battle against climate change will be decided in cities.

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Building on Sustainability – with Silicones and Polymers

The complexity of the task makes climate protection an ambitious mission. WACKER’s innovative construction chemicals contribute to more sustainable buildings and homes.

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Protecting and Preserving

WACKER products make a vital contribution

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Other Topics

Building the Future

WACKER products play a critical role

Applications cover a wide range: from bridges, high-rises and underground parking lots, through to fire safety, water drainage and sustainable energy generation – WACKER is well-prepared for tomorrow’s trends and challenges.

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