VINNAPAS® C 501 is a solid, colorless to pale yellowish copolymer of vinyl acetate and crotonic acid.




Typical applications for VINNAPAS® C 501:

  • fiber reinforced plastics

Processing - Product data

Melt viscosity, 100% Polymer

Bohlin high temperature viscosimeter

100 °C                       ~ 8800 Pa·s

120 °C                       ~ 6000 Pa·s

140 °C                       ~ 3000 Pa·s

160 °C                       ~ 1200 Pa·s


Solid content            Viscosity Brookfield RVT,

in styrene                  20 RPM, 23°C (PML 002)

20 %                               180 mPa·s

30 %                              1000 mPa·s

40 %                              6500 mPa·



VINNAPAS® C 501 is supplied in 25 kg Paper Bags. 500 kg Big Bag is available on request.


To prevent caking VINNAPAS® C 501 should not be stored at temperatures above 20°C. Storage conditions must be dry; material must be protected from direct sun exposure.

Under these conditions the product has a shelf life of at least 12 months starting from the date of receipt.

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