ETONIS® 7550 A

ETONIS® 7550 A is a multi-purpose dispersible polymer powder for concrete, specifically suited for pervious concrete, concrete repair, cement admixtures and renders & plasters. It is based on a hard copolymer of vinylacetate and ethylene and belongs to the product class ETONIS® A and it has a neutral effect on rheology and provides the basic properties adhesion and flexibility, giving a high degree of formulation freedom. ETONIS® 7550 A is part of our standard range, offering you the best-in-class solution for a wide variety of applications.


•The cohesive properties of ETONIS® 7550 A improve the wrap of cement slurry on aggregates, then increase the bonding strength between cement and aggregates

•ETONIS® 7550 A increase the sedimentation stability of concrete and specialty mortars, reducing bleeding and segregation.

•ETONIS® 7550 A has a plasticizing effect and reduces the water/cement ratio without compromising the concrete's workability.

•ETONIS® 7550 A improves concrete cohesion and bonding strength with diverse substrates, increases abrasion resistance, enhance freeze/thaw and salt-frost resistance.

•Concrete modified with ETONIS® 7550 A seals against pressing water, shows enhanced carbonation resistance and prevents the ingress of aggressive media into the mix.

•ETONIS® 7550 A is a hard general-purpose powder and has no effect on rheological properties. It is eminently suitable for formulating compounds of high strength.

•Low emissions

For typical application fields of ETONIS® 7550 A, refer to the section "application". Please discuss additional applications with your WACKER customer representative.


ETONIS® 7550 A may be added in powder form either to the dry concrete mix or the fresh mixed liquid concrete. Pumping and mixing cause the polymer powder to redisperse rapidly in the gauging water.

Alternatively, ETONIS® 7550 A may first be mixed with gauging water and then added with it to the dry-mix or liquid concrete. Protracted stirring of the polymer/water mixture is apt to cause individual components to settle out, but brief mixing will produce a homogenous mixture again. The amount of ETONIS® 7550 A needed to modify concrete ranges from 2.5 - 10 wt. % relative to the quantity of cement. The amounts used in special applications such as mortar and cementitious coatings may be considerably higher. The exact amount will depend on the requirements profile.

If the product is used in applications other than those mentioned, the choice, processing and use of it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All legal and other regulations must be complied with.

Slight color variations of the polymer granulate may occure without impairing the product's functionality.


25 kg paper bags
Big Bags or bulk on request.


During storage, protect the product from contact with moisture. Prolonged storage at temperatures above 30 °C, especially in combination with pressure, humidity or exposure to sunlight, may result in blocking. Carefully seal any open containers and store them under suitable conditions. We recommend storing the product in a warehouse that provides cool and dry conditions. Do not store the product for more than six months, starting from the date at which it was received, unless the Certificate of Analysis contains a different date, which would take precedence. If the product is stored longer than recommended, it may still be used but users are advised to verify the properties required for the intended use.

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