WETSOFT® NE 500 is a nonionic, hydrophilic emulsion concentrate that yields a stable semi-macro emulsion upon simple 1:1 dilution with cold water.


WETSOFT® NE 500 imparts a pleasant, soft, supple hand to woven and knitted fabrics as well as to towels. Furthermore finishing with WETSOFT® NE 500 improves the moisture management of the treated textiles. Additionally wash-and-wear properties and the crease recovery angle, sewability and tear strength are increased and abrasion loss is reduced. WETSOFT® NE 500 has only very little effect on whiteness. It does not generally affect the color shade or fastness of colored goods.

Verpackung / Gebinde

  • 0,5 kg bottle
  • 25 kg hobbock
  • 140 kg drum
  • 950 kg IBC


The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label.

Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.

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