SEMICOSIL® 9981 TC is a 1-part thermally conductive paste having electrical conductivity that is curing into gap filling silicone.

The thermal paste is able to efficiently fill finest gaps of heat generating and ablating substrates and thus helps to minimize contact resistance. Thermal resistiviy is minimized by an exceptional thermal conductivity of 10 W/mK in combination with the possibility of bond line thickness reduction to 10 µm.


  • One-component
  • Almost constant properties between -50 °C and +180 °C
  • Cure at moderate temperatue (150 °C / 2 h)
  • Thermal conductivity is 10 W/mK
  • Electrical conductive
  • Low bond line thickness (10 µm)
  • Emphasized thermal stability in cured state
  • Flexibility in application method
  • Superior despensing performance, screen printability
  • Suitable for automated bonding or vacuums bonding processes



 SEMICOSIL® 9981 TC at this stage represents a developmental product with no fixed specification. The figures given above are only intended as a guide and should not be uses in preparing specifications. Please contact your local sales manager to check status and availability.


Alle unsere Angaben beruhen auf bestem Wissen. Allerdings übernehmen wir hierfür keine Haftung oder Gewährleistung und behalten uns jederzeit technische Änderungen vor. Es liegt in der eigenen Verantwortung des Käufers, die Angaben sowie die Geeignetheit unseres Produktes für den vorgesehenen Einsatzzweck vor dem Gebrauch zu überprüfen. Vertragliche Regelungen gehen immer vor. Der Gewährleistungs- und Haftungsausschluss gilt - insbesondere im Ausland - auch im Hinblick auf Schutzrechte Dritter.

Material can be processed from cartridge or from hobbock by automated needle dispensing or manual dispensing at low pressure. Appropriate dispensing equipment and gasketing is recommended for optimum processing as well as protection of the equipment since product contains abrasive fillers. Accurate dispensing is possible with piston pump technology at high dispensing performance. Superior dispensing performance is also possible with endless piston pump technology.

All surfaces of parts, tools and processing equipment must be clean and free of contaminants that will inhibit the cure of SEMICOSIL® 9981 TC.

Examples of inhibiting contaminants are sulfur containing materials, plasticizers, urethanes, amine containing materials and organometallic compounds – especially organotin compounds. If a substrate’s ability to inhibit cure is unknown, a small-scale test should be run to determine compatibility.

For oven curing it is recommended to not use ovens applied for the cure of epoxy or polyurethane based encapsulants in order to avoid potential crosscontamination with potentially inhibiting hardeners.

SEMICOSIL® 9981 TC is suited for manual bonding at low bonding forces as well as automate vacuum bonding.

Adhesion is generated and facilitated on various substrate like metals, ceramics and plastics FR4 by curing at elevated temperatures.

We recommend running preliminary tests to optimize conditions for the particular application.

Comprehensive processing instructions are given in our leaf let "Wacker RTV-2 Silicone Rubber - Processing".


The 1-part silicone SEMICOSIL® 9981 TC's the storage temperature is -20 °C to -40 °C. Prior to application slow warming to room temperature is recommended. It is recommended to process material at room temperature (23 °C) within a time frame of 8 hours.


Shelf Life

SEMICOSIL® 9981 TC has the shelf life is 6 months when stored at under -20 °C in the originally sealed container. Before application container should be slow ly w armed to room
Storage beyond the date specif ied on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable.
(It is under storage test and can be extended.)

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