• Fine coatings down to < 5 g/m² possible
  • High water columns
  • Low air permeability
  • Exellent layer to layer adhesion with multiple coating layers

WACKER® FINISH CT 51 L is ideally suited for the production of flexible, rubresistant and waterproof coatings on all kinds of textile fabrics.

Even on lightweight textiles, high waterproofness can be achieved with very low addon weigths. Treated fabrics remain lightweight and flexible, and can thererefore be used for tents, awnings, clothing and other camping and sports articles. The coatings show good resistance to abrasion, weathering and dry-cleanig. 


WACKER FINISH CT 51 L can also be used in diluted form to impregnate textiles. Impregnated textiles show high air permeability, stay elastic and are resistant to pilling and creasing and can be machine washed.

WACKER® FINISH CT 51 L is a 30% solution of silicone rubber in toluene. It can be used for fine coatings in undiluted form and for impregnation in diluted form. It is processed by mixing with additives to form a condensation curing or addition curing formulation. 


Fine coatings in undiluted solution:


  • Guideline formulation for condensation curing mixture:


100 pbw WACKER® FINISH CT 51 L

1 pbw Crosslinker V 80
1 pbw Glacial acetic acid
1 pbw Catalyst C 80


All components are mixed in one after the other. Pot life is stabilized when the mixture is left for about 10 minutes after incorporation of CROSSLINKER V 80 and will be around 8 hours. 


Recommended curing conditions: 30 seconds to 2 minutes at 120 - 150 ° C.


  • Guideline formulation for addition curing mixture:


100 pbw WACKER® FINISH CT 51 L

1 pbw CATALYST C 05


Recommended curing conditions: 2 minutes at 160-180°C


By dilution of WACKER® FINISH CT 51 L with toluene (or other suitable solvents), the viscosity will be reduced and penetration into the fabric will increase until the point where no continuous film is formed on the surface. Detailed test runs are recommended to find the right balance of concentration, absorbency, coat weight and intgended degree of waterproofness.

Impregnation of textiles:

WACKER® FINISH CT 51 L should be diluted even further if the air permeability of the textile is to be retained after impregnation.


  • Guideline formulation for impregnation:


20.0 pbw WACKER® FINISH CT 51 L
79.4 pbw toluene
0.2 pbw Glacial acetic acid
0.2 pbw CATALYST C 80


Textile can be impregnated by dipping and centrifuging, padding or spraying. 


Recommended curing conditions: 30 seconds to 2 minutes at 120 - 150 ° C.


This product is available in 40 kg pails and 170 kg drums. 


Once opened, containers should always be resealed after use to prevent the platinum catalyst from being poisoned by amines, sulphur or phosphorus compounds.

The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label. Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.

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