Monochloroacetone Stab Drapex (MCA)

$Monochloroacetone Stab Drapex (MCA)

Clear, dark-coloured, mobile and strong lachrymatory liquid with pungent odour.

  • CAS No. 78-95-5
  • Empirical formula C3H5ClO
  • Molecular weight 92,53


  • Content min. 96.0%
  • Stabilized with 0.1% Drapex 39 (epoxidized soy bean oil)
  • Storage stability of at least 12 months
  • REACH: SCC (handling as intermediate under strictly controlled conditions)
  • One of the largest producers worldwide
  • For synthesis of heterocycles (g.g. imidazoles, thiazoles, pyrroles, thiophenes, thiazines, 1,3,4 thiadiazines).
  • Building block for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals (e.g. Benzarone, Benziodarone, Bometolol, Denbufyllin, Enoximone, Fenetylin, Mexiletine, Ofloxacin etc.).
  • Building block for pesticides (Thiabendazole, herbicide-safeners, insecticides).
  • Building block for dyes.



Drum with PE-inner liner 205l (220 kg net)


Keep in the original container in a cool well ventilated
place. Keep container dry and tightly closed.

The product is stabilized with Drapex 39 (epoxidized soy bean oil, approx. 0,1%).

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